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Welcome to Pinnacle Wine & Liquor

Pinnacle Wine & Liquor is an independent wine and liquor store located in Brighton, NY, just west of Twelve Corners on Monroe Ave. Formerly known as Yaeger’s Fine Wines and Spirits, we moved to our Brighton location in 2012. Our wine and spirits’ portfolio is carefully selected to make your shopping experience easy and memorable. We taste hundreds of wines each month and work with dozens of suppliers to find quality wines for our store.

We’re proud to serve the Brighton neighborhood, the surrounding communities, and the greater Rochester region!

"The big thing is the ability to work with my family..."

The Pinnacle Story

I began my career in wine and liquor retailing in 1968, working part-time at a small store while I was in college. At that time, the most exotic wine that we carried was Gallo Paisano, our business was probably 90% whiskey. Dessert wines, sherry and port probably accounted for most of our wine sales.

Two years later, out of school and out of money, I was hired on a conditional basis at The House Of Bacchus in Irondequoit. A year later I became the store manager, a position that I held until 1997. While at Bacchus I oversaw a business that grew from a small local store to the 2nd largest grossing store in the market.

In 1997, I left The House Of Bacchus so that I could purchase a store called Wine World on Monroe Avenue. We changed the name of the store to Yaeger's Fine Wines & Spirits and more importantly, we changed the selection, pricing policies, merchandising, customer service and overall philosophy of the store.

Within two years, our business at Yaeger's Fine Wines and Spirits had doubled and continued to grow for the next twelve years. In 2011, my wife, Chris, and I decided it was time for a new location, a place with more space and, more importantly, a space that had better parking and was more accessible to passersby. By pure luck I overheard a conversation between two truck drivers, discussing a rumor that Wegman's was moving Whitehouse Liquor from their space on Monroe Avenue to one of their empty Chase Pitkin stores in Henrietta.

I was familiar with the Whitehouse location and my wife and I agreed that it was a perfect location for what we wanted to do. I contacted the landlord immediately and within days, had signed a lease. I never realized how challenging it would be to move our business, transfer all of the inventory, remodel (new floor, new window treatments, counters, painting, signs etc.), but in the end, our vision of a bigger, better store became a reality.

Now that we had our new store, the next step was to assemble a staff that was friendly and knowledgeable. With over a century of experience in the industry, I believe Pinnacle offers a personal shopping experience that is unmatched.

Our selection of wines is always expanding and I look to our customers for their opinions on new wines to help our selection grow. We encourage you to visit Pinnacle Wine & Liquor. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. 

Jim Yaeger - Owner

You must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol. Please drink responsibly.